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Date: Ago 8, 2019Time: 13:00Place: LISHA Joinville

SES 2019 - Workshop on Smart Embedded Systems

Data is bringing new perspectives to the design of Connected Embedded Systems. From optimization to security, the very own data produced by such systems to operate now enable them to adapt to specific conditions. The Workshop on Smart Embedded Systems (SES) brings together researchers on the subject, including invited talks by Prof. Lucas Wanner (UNICAMP) and Prof. Marco Wehrmeister (UTFPR).

13:00New Adventures in Lo-Fi Prof. Lucas Wanner
13:50Non-Intrusive Multicore Monitoring José Luis Conradi Hoffmann
14:10Sensed Data Confidence Roberto Scheffel
14:30Anomaly Detection in Multicore Systems Leonardo Passig Horstmann
14:50Application of Machine Learning to Fault Detection in AUVs Felipe Adachi
15:10Sistema de Documentação e Acompanhamento Contínuos para o Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Ciberfísicos Lucas Henrique Alves Feitosa
15:30IoT Gateway Integrity Mateus Lucena
Coffee Break
16:00Applying Model-Driven Engineering in the (co-)Design of Real-Time Embedded Systems Prof. Marco Wehrmeister
16:50Fusão de Dados Inerciais Victor Wilvert
17:10Sensores para Previsão de Geração de Energia Fotovoltaica Angelo Abdallah Pelisson
17:30Geração de Energia Termoelétrica em Microsatélites Thiago Martins
17:50Computação biológica Prof. Rafael Cancian

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