The Software/Hardware Integration Lab (LISHA) was founded in 1985 to promote research in the frontiers between hardware and software. Since then, it has dedicated considerable efforts to research in areas such as computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks and the related applications. Currently, the laboratory focuses on innovative techniques and tools to support the development of embedded systems.

Latest News

  • New LISHA IoT API released.
  • Open research and development positions on IoT at LISHA.
  • Open positions for undergraduate students at LISHA.
  • LISHA has now a branch at UFSC Araranguá Read more.
  • LISHA Joinville students Lucas Camargo and Guilherme Pangratz, together with the Mechatronics Engineering student Êmili Bohrer, won 1st place at Intel Embedded Systems Challenge 2016.
  • LISHA is delivering environmental sensing technology to make UFSC campi at Florianópolis and Joinville more sustainable. Read more.
  • LISHA is part of EU-Brazil Clould Forum, a project targeted at Fostering an international dialogue between Europe and Brazil.
  • SBESC'17 will take place in Curitiba from November 7 to 10, 2017.


LISHA is the SIBRATEC Innovation Center for TIC in Santa Catarina.


A new version of LISHA's IoT Platform based on SmartData and the Trustfull Space-Time Protocol(TSTP) is now available!

Tstp Overview

OpenEPOS 2.1

A new version of OpenEPOS has been released! Check the new features.


EPOSMote III, the third generation of wireless sensing/actuating platform has been released! It is already being used at the UFSC Smart Solar Building.