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The Software/Hardware Integration Lab (LISHA) was founded in 1985 to promote research in the frontiers between hardware and software. Since then, it has dedicated considerable efforts to research in areas such as computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks and the related applications. Currently, the laboratory focuses on innovative techniques and tools to support the development of embedded systems.

SBESC 2021 and LADC 2021

LISHA is hosting SBESC 2021 and LADC 2021, the reference conferences of Computer Engineering and Dependability in Latin America.

LISHA is part of EMBRAPII Move

LISHA is part of the recently created EMBRAPII Institute for Mobility Technologias (Move).

Short-course on Testing and Modelling of Automotive Embedded Software

LISHA will be giving a short-course on Testing and Modelling of Automotive Embedded Software!

OpenEPOS 2.2

A new version of OpenEPOS has been released! Check the new features.

IoT Platform

LISHA's IoT Platform now supports dozens of research projects. For further information about how to join it, please check this link.


A new version of LISHA's IoT Platform based on SmartData and the Trustfull Space-Time Protocol(TSTP) is now available!

LISHA's IoT Platform Overview


LISHA's CPS Management Platform is now fully integrated with the IoT Platform, adding features such as defect tracking, logging, geolocation, and service ticketing.

Rota 2030 with Renault

LISHA and Renault are joining forces to develop innovative solutions for the automotive industry in the realm of Program Rota 2030. Prof. Giovani Gracioli will lead a team of experts at LISHA on the pursuit of an Intelligent Data Acquisition and Analysis System for Automotive Controllers.


LISHA and AQTech for Smart Energy

LISHA and AQTech are working together to make hydroelectric power generators more intelligent. Prof. Fröhlich will lead a multidisciplinary team to develop advanced tools for predictive maintenance of large hydroelectric generators. Read more ...

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