Project CIA²

In Portuguese, CIA² is an acronym for "Construindo Cidades Inteligentes: da Instrumentação dos Ambientes ao desenvolvimento de Aplicações", what would mean "Building Smart Cities: from Environment Instrumentation to Application Deployment". In this project, 18 Brazilian universities cooperate to build the fundamentals of Brazilian Smart Cities. The project is funded by CTIC, RNP's fund for projects related to Smart Cities.

Projeto CIA²

Within the CIA² project, LISHA and UnB are responsible for building an infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT). This infrastructure is comprised by an embedded platform (mote) and a no-legacy network stack. The network stack will focus on low resource utilization (including processing, memory, energy and communication bandwidth), while dealing with the platform's heterogeneity, mobility, noisy communication channel, scalability, and configurability.

More detail concerning this project can be found in the CIA² Project webpage.